It’s Time to come Out Of The Cave

(formerly Guerrilla Capitalism. Pardon us while we cutover to the new name)

Out of the Cave is about…

Broken Markets

Going on a over a decade faux recovery, we are now in a scenario where central banks are essentially trapped at or near the zero bound. Market signalling is dead, fundamentals don’t matter. Markets are remaining irrational longer than anybody who seeks to eschew the “New Economy” Kool-Aid can stay solvent.

What does the contrarian minded, historically aware, rational value/Austrian minded investor do? Find out here.

800lb Gorillas.

The other side of interest rate suppression and financial repression is 10+ years of Cantillon Effects, where new money benefits those who receive it first, leading to an Everything Bubble where financialization and consolidation squeezes out real businesses and the middle class.

It can’t last forever and after it ends it’ll be the real businesses with real models who survive the fallout. Here we talk about being one of them.

Surviving Socialism

It’s hard to imagine that socialism, “The Failed Idea That Never Dies”, is back with a vengeance and enjoying a newfound vogue among the mainstream press and even the political elite.

Make no mistake, this movement has traction and it’s gaining momentum. As always, flame out and crash in a heap ignominious failure. Until it does, things will get worse before they get better, so we’ll look at ways to preserve wealth and property through this approaching dark era.

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Experts say…. “We’re Doomed!” Reality says… probably not.

For a little over a year, before all this began, I setup a news alert filter for the words "experts say" in the headline. It's provided a non-stop stream of puerile idiocy ever since. Once Coronavirus hit, the shreik-o-meter has been cranked to the level where I almost need to turn it off for my own sanity. What it does do is vividly illustrate how the media frames event [...]

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Not Klaus Schwab: Most of you will survive the coming food shortages, so as long as you’re vaccinated

  (Note: To be clear, this tweet comes from a fake Klaus Schwab account. But the book I quote from is the real deal) Well, here's hoping that World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab's twitter was hacked by somebody from 4chan, 'cause if this is for real, it's really hard not to subscribe to Great Reset conspiracy theories. The World Economic Forum are working wi [...]

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The Collectivist Nature of Social Media Platforms and Big Tech

  Never before in history have we seen such fertile ground and incentives toward groupthink and mass histrionics as we have today with total saturation of social media. Once our mobile phones were converted into near Star Trek level tricorders, and WiFi became ubiquitous we found ourselves swimming in "The Spew", without even realizing that we had become like fish i [...]

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Follow the Science! 1.2 Million COVID deaths edition

This post was originally my comment to a person on Facebook, which somebody then deleted. This person repeatedly throws out the 1.2 M deaths worldwide number and I finally lost it and posted a response to him after he scolded people for “spreading disinformation and not listening to science”. He actually told people disputing the Second Wave Hysteria to “shut up and l [...]

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