Monthly Archives: April 2020

GCap #2: What the Hell Just Happened?

The Out Of The Cave Monthly Briefing. GCap #2: What the Hell just happened? This is the Out Of The Cave monthly briefing, second edition. THE DEMISE OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM IS IMMINENT | Matterhorn – GoldSwitzerland “Next five years is not about winning but surviving.” There’s been no end of articles describing in gory […]

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The JackPot Chronicles Scenario 1: Force Majeure

This is the second instalment of The Jackpot Chronicles: Four Possible Post-Coronavirus Scenarios. Force Majeure means: a chance occurrence or superior force that renders a contract unenforceable and frees all parties from their obligations under it. We are frequently told that there exists some manner of “Social Contract” to which we are implicitly bound by […]

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