Monthly Archives: May 2020

How Do You Like Democratic Socialism So Far?

Now that we’ve had a few months to mourn the loss of our basic liberties, even if our overlords make a symbolic head-fake toward giving them back, one must realize the ramifications of what has happened and what it means going forward. The key point to understand is that the precedent has been set. If […]

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GCap #3: Right now it’s all about optionality

The Out Of The Cave Monthly Briefing. GCap #3: Right now it’s all about optionality This is the Out Of The Cave quasi-monthly briefing, third edition. Bitcoin Halving 2020 – Bitcoin Reformation The title for this month’s edition comes out of this talk between Tuur Demeester and Ryan Selkis around the event of the May […]

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Jackpot Chronicles #3: The Great Bifurcation

This is part 4 of the Jackpot Chronicles: Four Post-Coronavirus Scenarios. Read the series here, or sign up for Out Of The Cave here. “In the future there will only be one occupation: managing one’s wealth. And the majority of the population will be unemployed.” – Me. The original working title for this installment of […]

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The Jackpot Chronicles: When Tin Foil Hats Meet Radical Uncertainty

This is part of the ongoing Jackpot Chronicles, looking at four possible Coronavirus scenarios or lenses. The last instalment was “Force Majeure”, which posited a complete breakdown in seemingly permanent institutions. As it may turn out, these outwardly immovable edifices may not survive this economic collapse and be left out of “the new normal” that […]

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