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Turn off the TV, put away the second-screen, pull up a nice comfy chair in the study and read a good book.


Pictures of the Socialistic Future

(My fledgling audiobook company just released an audio version of Eugen Richter’s 1893 work “Pictures of the Socialistic Future”. In order to have an audiobook version of a public domain work accepted into Amazon’s Audible store, you have to first make a kindle version and add some unique original content to it, such as a […]

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Debunking the Idea that Bitcoin is Right-Wing Extremism

Everything that’s wrong with “The Politics of Bitcoin” book but were afraid to ask. It is not only those who see themselves as libertarians who, through the adoption of Bitcoin and the political communities around it, routinely distribute political and economic views that are grounded in conspiratorial, far-right accounts of the Federal Reserve and the […]

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