Support OOTC

I don’t actually do this for money, it’s more for catharsis.  So there are no Patreons  or “inner circle” memberships or paid newsletters (at least not yet).

If you really want to support my work, the best way is to try sending more of your business toward independent, owner/operator controlled businesses.

In the case of your domain name registrations, managed DNS requirements, web or email hosting, consider using easyDNS for some or all of your IT needs. easyDNS is the company I co-founded in 1998 and have been running ever since.

We’ve never taken on an venture capital and we have no exit plan. We exist, to serve our customers and by doing that well, we come out ok.

If you decide to move or register your next domain or website with easyDNS, you can use coupon code OUTOFTHECAVE to get 25% off your first order, whether that’s a domain registration, website hosting, anything.

Thanks again for being interested in my work.


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